Discover the power & flow of Dru yoga


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Discover the grace, power and flow of Dru yoga and mindfulness sessions to help you:
  • Increase energy levels, ease back pain and wash away stress
  • Build strength, flexibility and core stability
  • Develop breathing techniques to achieve a deep state of relaxation
  • Open your heart to healing and self-compassion
  • Reconnect with your sense of purpose
Help your child thrive


Help your child thrive through play-based, inclusive yoga and mindfulness sessions that:
  • Increase strength, flexibility and body awareness
  • Improve concentration and self-regulation
  • Explore breathing and relaxation skills
  • Build social and emotional wellbeing
Improve student wellbeing


Improve student wellbeing and learning outcomes at your school through a research-based yoga and mindfulness program that:
  • Provides students with skills to still the mind and develop confidence
  • Incorporates strategies to focus attention and improve concentration
  • Builds a culture of respect and inclusiveness
  • Encourages fun and creativity in the classroom


Erika teaches with deep respect for the ancient yoga tradition and the practices of mindfulness, as well as a sense of fun, joy and lightness.
Yoga and Mindfulness classes for health and wellbeing



improving strength, flexibility & core stability
Dru Yoga is a graceful and potent form of yoga,
based on soft flowing movements, directed
breathing and visualisation.
With its foundations set firmly in the ancient
yogic tradition, Dru works on body, mind and spirit
– improving strength, flexibility and core stability;
enhancing positivity; and deeply relaxing and
rejuvenating the whole being.
Dru Yoga and Mindfulness Teacher


Erika began practicing yoga in 1997, and teaching in 2010 after completing her 3 year Dru Yoga Teacher Training Diploma. Her teaching is inspired by the practices that have helped her so much in cultivating peace and inspiration in her own internal world.
Erika has 3 young children who continually inspire and remind her to be both present and practical. Joyful parenting and relating; living from a place of connection, presence and compassion; and truly valuing each individual are priorities for her.
Erika is passionate about the practice of mindfulness, and has post-graduate training in teaching yoga as well as mindfulness to children. Erika teaches Dru Yoga and Mindfulness classes (for adults), and Children’s Yoga and Mindfulness classes in the Illawarra.
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