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About Erika


Erika aims to integrate yoga perspectives into everything she does – joyful, mindful parenting and relating; living from a place of connection, presence and compassion; and truly valuing each individual.

Erika started teaching yoga in 2010 after completing a Dru Yoga Teaching Diploma. She is dedicated to sharing practices and tools to both adults and children that can help them in their everyday lives. Erika aims to live by yoga perspectives – living from a place of connection, presence and compassion. She has trained in teaching children yoga and mindfulness, and has been teaching children since 2012. Erika truly values each individual – adults and children alike. With a deep respect for the ancient yoga tradition and practice of mindfulness, Erika aims to offer her students inspiration and empowerment, with a sense of fun and a down-to-earth approach.

Her teaching is inspired by the practices that have helped her so much in cultivating a sense of inner peace and inspiration in her own life. Her yoga teaching has grown alongside of her journey of motherhood and her children continually teach her to be present and grateful.

Erika is also passionate about the practice of mindfulness and has post-graduate training in teaching yoga and mindfulness to children. She completed training with Mindful Schools in 2016 with the aim of teaching mindfulness to children in schools. Through this, she discovered a deep learning and wisdom within mindfulness, and an understanding of mindfulness as a distinct practice, though with similarities to yoga. She then integrated mindfulness into all her teaching and includes a specific mindfulness component in her classes. Her work with, and program for schools is centered around the wellbeing components of the NSW school curriculum/syllabus.

Working with children​

Erika’s journey with yoga has grown alongside of her journey of motherhood and she sees her children as her greatest teachers.

They are there continually reminding her to be present, to be aware of others needs as well as looking after oneself, so as to be able to give to others. To prioritise, to stay optimistic. To dream, to believe.  While her teaching of yoga to children began largely by circumstance, and she found many challenges in it, a deep and lasting passion for working with children emerged and continues to grow. Erika teaches to see the gold in each child.
Wonderful you

Erika teaches from the perspective that each student is unique and wonderful as they are.

She encourages her students to connect with the innate qualities within them and to believe in themselves as they are, and in their potential. The practices, tools and perspectives she teaches offer students ways to “come home” to their inner selves and to reconnect with their dreams and goals.

Emotional wellbeing is a special interest area for Erika. She teaches Dru Yoga practices to help students work with challenging emotions; to grow a positive outlook; and to cultivate a sense of joy, gratitude and inner peace. She uses mindfulness techniques with both adults and children to help students understand their emotions and learn how to navigate them in a healthy and helpful way. Erika offers a way of working with emotions with students to assist with self-confidence and self-belief.

Erika’s own life experience informs her teaching. The loss of her mother in an accident in 2005 turned Erika’s world upside-down, and it was through her practice of Dru Yoga that she was able to find some sense of peace amid turmoil. Through a regular Dru Yoga practice Erika was able to access the tools, support and approach that she needed to rebuild herself from the inside out and re-vision her life.

Erika brings her connection with nature to her teaching, guiding students to connect with the beauty and wisdom of nature as a powerful healing and grounding force.

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