Build strength, flexibility and core stability

Yoga and Mindfulness Classes


Discover the grace, power and flow of Dru yoga and mindfulness sessions


  • Increase your energy levels and let go of stress
  • Build strength, flexibility and core stability
  • Breathe well and achieve a deep state of relaxation
  • Open your heart to healing and self-compassion
  • Reconnect with a sense of purpose and meaning




Help your child thrive through play-based, inclusive yoga and mindfulness sessions


  • Increase strength, flexibility and body awareness
  • Provide skills to still the mind and improve concentration and self-regulation
  • Assist with enhancing self-belief, confidence and a growth mindset
  • Explore breathing and relaxation skills
  • Build social and emotional wellbeing


Improve student wellbeing and learning outcomes at your school through a research-based yoga and mindfulness program.

  • Builds strength, flexibility and confidence in the body’s movement
  • Provides skills to still the mind, focus attention, improve concentration and self-regulation
  • Enhances self-belief, confidence and a growth mindset
  • Builds a culture of respect and inclusiveness, and develops skills for empathy
  • Assists with positive interpersonal relationships and social skills
  • Encourages fun and creativity at school


“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart”

Helen Keller

Yoga and Mindfulness Teacher

Erika Steller

Erika started teaching yoga in 2010 after completing a Dru Yoga Teaching Diploma. She is dedicated to sharing practices and tools to both adults and children that can help them in their everyday lives. Erika has trained to teach children yoga and mindfulness, and has been teaching children since 2012. Erika truly values each individual – adult and child.
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