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Adults Yoga and Mindfulness

Learn gentle, flowing postures, and breathing practices to bring you into the present, and to work with your goals and intentions. 

Adult Dru Yoga and Mindfulness classes are inclusive yoga classes and are suitable for those new to yoga, as well as those who would like to deepen their yoga practice in the area of working with energy flow, emotions, self-enquiry, spirituality and purpose.

A sitting mindfulness practice is incorporated into each class offering an approach that can be easily applied in daily life, and a full guided relaxation completes each class.

Injuries and specific health issues are catered for, with guidance, options for modifications and attention to individual needs. These classes are suitable for assisting with anxiety, depression and other areas of mental/emotional health.

Erika brings to her classes a deep respect for the ancient yoga tradition and practice of mindfulness, with a sense of fun, inspiration and a down-to-earth approach.


I’ve been a keen student of Erika’s Dru Yoga classes for a number of years. 

Erika shares her practices in a caring, thoughtful manner with consideration for the range of abilities and limitations of her students. Her preparation and provision of equipment caters for all needs. My weekly Dru Yoga session is enhanced by the wonderful location of the Coledale Surf Club. I have personally benefitted from my years of yoga experience with Erika through increased flexibility, range of movement and ongoing appreciation of the mindfulness and relaxation elements of the classes.
Dru Yoga is an important aspect of my wellness plan which I look forward to continuing in the future.


Christine Soroka

North Wollongong

Erika’s yoga classes are so incredibly grounding and healing.

Her warm, compassionate approach done with such grace and stability alleviates stress, tension and anxiety. I come away from classes feeling refreshed, reinvigorated and supported.

I highly recommend Erika as a teacher who can bring you back to your breath and your body in this technological age when we are feeling more fractured and overstimulated in our lives. The classes bring a wonderful peace of mind and calm to the body.




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Your Teacher: Erika Steller

Erika is dedicated to sharing practices with her students that help in their everyday lives.

Erika started teaching yoga in 2010 after completing a Dru Yoga Teaching Diploma. She is dedicated to sharing practices and tools to both adults and children that can help them in their everyday lives. Erika has trained to teach children yoga and mindfulness, and has been teaching children since 2012. Erika truly values each individual – adult and child.
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